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12% Return?

February 24, 2017

A first trust deed was funded this week on a Yorba Linda property.  The investor received 12% interest on a first trust deed, and of course it was a non owner occupied loan.  The loan was funded and there was a guaranteed 4 months collected interest.  Palm Desert Capital’s extensive due diligence has been paying off, we have not had to “take back ” a property yet.

Because we are not a huge high volume operation, we don’t need to do loans to keep the lights on.  This is often overlooked by investors.

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Funded Again!!

February 23, 2017

Palm Desert Capital, funded another private money loan where the seller was able to make huge profits.  The dilapidated three unit was an eye sore for many years and bank financing could not be done.  Palm Desert Capital funded a hard money loan; no questions just based on equity.  Making the improvements the investor was able to renovate the building and sell it for a 100k profit.

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